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Numbers speaks

Reduce your development cost by over 35%

Optimize your current development resources by streamlining costly and tedious tasks. Standardized processes, such as automated deployment, automated Git roll-backs, and template code base, have many benefits. They not only dramatically reduce staff workload but also make it much easier to support and maintain projects across teams at a fraction of the usual cost.

Higher your development output by 40%

Antiquated development practices can be time-consuming and cause many bottlenecks. Practices such as optimizing your server infrastructure, formal information gathering, and facilitating cross-team collaboration increase productivity and output. This, in turn, contributes to a higher quality of delivered products all while meeting market demand.

Reduce the amount of customer service request by 50%

Proper security protocol and change management can reduce the risk of uncertainties arising. Our DevOps processes have proven records of enhancing deployment cycles from many angles and thus increasing customer satisfaction. Using a Service Desk also allows to log and track your clients’ change requests for higher transparency and support quality.

Further Services Enabled with Devalet

Development Time

Our proven DevOps processes guarantee shorter development cycles. Your web project will be delivered in a fraction of the time.


We automate deployment and optimize operations to speed up our tasks and your team’s work. Your outsourced and in-house work is done faster.

Improve In-house
Developer Productivity

Our proven automation framework will reduce development and deployment issues and improve your team’s productivity.

Access Our Pool
of Vetted Developers

Our experienced team of IT experts and engineers will become your right hand. We serve you so that you can serve your clients better.

Expand Your
Product Offering

Do you need to add to your current team skills? We can help design and implement any web (CMS or e-commerce) project.

DevOps Specialist

A dedicated DevOps specialist will be assigned to your account. Now you know that someone will be there for your agency when you need them.

5 Steps to Success

Analyze requirements and
define project scope

We sit with your team to discuss your client’s goals and needs. We plan the project tasks and agree on a timeline. You will have peace of mind that your project is in good hands.

Adapt our proven DevOps
processes to your needs

Our proven DevOps processes and automation scripts will be tailored to your needs. Our focus is on effective team communication, in-time completion, and simple website maintenance.

Implement your web project
and automate tedious tasks

We lift the weight off your shoulders through implementing your web project fast and automating UAT and deployment processes. No need for your or your client’s development team to waste time on repetitive tasks.

Train your development and
operations team

Maintaining and updating a website can now be done in a jiffy. We train your or your client’s DevOps team to run our automation scripts with the click of a button.

Review performance
and optimize

After we roll out the project, we allow for a short period of time to run the business as usual. Then, we review the web operations procedures and determine areas that need to be optimized for performance.